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Visites et dégustations

The terroir is one of the main actors in the production of a wine, it is not limited to the characteristics of the soil of our plots but also includes the climate, the "paw" of the winemaker and the environment.

The terroir of Château Garrineau is quite complex.

To begin with, our soils are typical of the region and consist of clay and limestone. We also noticed that under the first layer of this mixture was a reserve of very dense rocky concretions. Some were extracted during planting campaigns and now sit on the edge of our plots.

These soils are particularly suited to the Bordeaux grape varieties and the presence of rocks in the subsoil provides the vines with minerals normally reserved for other wine-growing regions.

The property is made up of a single block, but it offers several exposures to which we have adapted our grape varieties.

Our white plots are located on the heights of the property. Sunny and swept by the winds, they allow a unique maturity of our muscadelles and sémillons as well as an often irreproachable sanitary condition.

Our merlots are located on slopes with variable orientation. Each parcel allows us to obtain an interesting maturity adapted to the wines we produce.

Our cabernet sauvignon are in the lower parts of the property. The layer of soil being weaker, our Cabernets have developed a rusticity which gives an exceptional aromatic power to our wines.

The vineyard is surrounded by ditches, embankments, a stream of meadows and woods, the environmental diversity is very present and shows us the importance of maintaining our landscape every day.

The very present fauna is an integral part of our vineyard and we make every effort to preserve it throughout the year. With this in mind, the vineyard has gone from an agri-confidence charter to HVE 3 certification (High Environmental Value operation) and is committed to a 0 herbicide approach.

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